14. toukokuuta 2012

From Dead to Worse - Charlaine Harris

The 8th Sookie Stackhouse novel ‘From Dead to Worse’ continues in the very trustworthy, steady quality of the rest of the series. This is the first book I’ve reviewed simply because it is the latest in the series that I have read. I have to say (outside the subject, really) that writing in this blog is such enormous help to my studies. I’m continuously learning new things like index words and what’s important in a book review, and I find that writing this blog also helps me keep reading. I’d be one silly librarian one day if I never read anything. If there is anyone out there who’s reading this and likes/dislikes the blog, please let me know. Any feedback I get is welcome (trollin’ too, if you find it necessary, maybe the truth will come out of the fool’s mouth).

Anyway, let’s get back on subject! I’ve liked the Stackhouse novels since the very first book. They’re catchy and easy to read, the plotline is simple but complex enough to make it interesting. The sexy vampires, werewolves and shifters obviously don’t make it any worse. Lately though I’ve gotten the feeling that Harris is making Sookie a lot more human in a way. She gets mad even when she knows she has no right to, she’s selfish and doesn’t always think things through. She gets sad and confused and is more realistic in many other ways too. She’s getting easier to relate to, I think, and that’s important in long series like the Stackhouse novels. I actually thought I had all of them when I bought ten, but doing research for this blog post I found out that there’s more on the way. In a way I’m glad that it doesn’t end, but then again I’m afraid what will happen to the series if it gets too long. I’m afraid the books will start to repeat themselves, there’ll be a new man in every book and Sookie will become annoying instead of realistic. I just hope that Harris will know when to quit.

Another interesting thing was to watch the TV-series. TrueBlood is very different from the books, and the changes to the plotlines are very visible from pretty early on. TrueBlood keeps on some characters that Harris has already killed off in the books and kills others that still appear later on in the novels. In a way reading the books and watching the series at the same time brings depth to the characters but at the same time I find it a little bit confusing. I just saw the trailer for the 5th season of TrueBlood and it looks promising indeed. I’ll have to buy them new books as soon as I can afford it, even though reading the books ahead doesn’t offer much consolation. For anyone who hated everything Twilight, I can definitely recommend Sookie Stackhouse novels.


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